RNAS Lossiemouth 1962-63


The photographs below were all taken in or around RNAS Lossiemouth between October 1962 and February 1963.  During this time my father, Bob Woolley, was stationed there with 738 Squadron (99 OFS Course) having previously acquired his Wings at RAF Linton-On-Ouse.  The Squadron was responsible for tactical flying training such as low-level navigation, ground attack and air-to-air weapons training.  New Hunter GA11s and T8s had been delivered in June 1962, replacing Sea Hawk FGA6s.  Following successful completion of the course the 'fast jet' trainee pilots then went on to 766 Squadron at RNAS Yeovilton for OFS2 training in Sea Vixens.            



 Participants of 99 OFS Course.  Photograph take on 8th October 1962.



Hunter T8 (631\XL582) and three Hunter GA11s (648\WW659, 646\XE712 and 650\WW654) of 738 Squadron seen in formation over RNAS Lossiemouth on 14th November 1962.



A further view of the above four Hunters.



And another view - breaking to port



Hunter GA11of 738 Squadron.  This colour scheme must surely rank as the best ever applied to a Hunter.  



A Blackburn Buccaneer S1 in early all white (apparently to reflect the blast of a nuclear explosion!)



A Fairey Gannett.



Black and White photographs by Royal Navy photographic section.  Colour photos by Bob Woolley.

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