Black and white photographs taken during 1963 and 1964


The following black and white photographs were all taken on or around HMS Victorious during her commission to the Far East in 1963 - 1964.  Embarked during this period were 893 Squadron (Sea Vixen FAW1), 801 Squadron (Buccaneer S1), 849A Squadron (Gannett AEW3) and 814 Squadron (Wessex HAS1). 

Please note that all photographs on this page were taken by Royal Navy photographic units and are Crown Copyright.  They are not to be used for any commercial purposes.  Please treat them with the respect they deserve.


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  A Sea Vixen of 893 Squadron in flight refuelling a F-105 'Thunderchief' of the USAF.  The F-105 was on its way to Vietnam.  Photo taken by Lt. M.W.H. Thomson RN   (893 Squadron pilot). 



  Sea Vixen taking off.  The catapult strop can clearly be seen falling away.  Photo taken by HMS Victorious photographic unit. 



   Sea Vixen ready for launch.  Note island with Type 984 radar in background



893 Squadron Sea Vixens lined up on Victorious' flight deck



Sea Vixen at Aden or is it Gibraltar?



 The impressive view from a Buccaneer S1 of 801 Squadron shortly before landing on.  Photo by Lt. C.L. James RN


  5th December 1963:  the scene following a crashed landing by a Sea Vixen.  The aircraft reportedly hit the round down on the last landing and came to rest by the port catwalk forward of the projector sight.  Both the pilot Lt. Cdr. C.A.M. Comins RN (893 Squadron Senior Pilot) and his observer F/Lt. G.A. Culpitt RAF were fortunately unhurt.




HMAS Parramatta of the Royal Australian Navy seen alongside HMS Victorious



Sea Vixen 463/XN694 performs a roller landing



Replenishment at Sea (RAS)



HMS Victorious leaves the port of Fremantle in Western Australia in September 1964



INS Vikrant of the Indian Navy seen during Exercise Jet 64.  HMS Victorious in the background.





A fine aerial view of HMS Victorious



HMS Victorious being replenished by RFA Tidereach.  The frigate HMS Eskimo is also seen alongside


893 Squadron officers, June 1964.  Click on image to show large scale picture

Back row, left to right: Don McKenzie (Observer),  Mike Vickery (Engineer),  Jim Fitzgerald (Observer),  Noel Rawbone (Observer),  Bryan Devine (Pilot),  Chris Blower (Pilot),  Ed Poultney (Observer),  Archie Chase (Observer),  Doug Macdonald (Observer),  Robin Crowther (Pilot),  Bob Woolley (Pilot), Barry Hughes (Observer).

Front Row, left to right:  Dagwood Keys (Observer),  Bill Billet (Pilot - AWI),  G.D. Stevenson (Senior Observer),  Don Wiltshire (Second Engineer),  Chris Comins (Senior Pilot),  Ken Kemp (Pilot - CO),  N. Bever (Senior Engineer),  A.P. Hart (Direction Officer),  ? (Engineer),  Mike Veal (Pilot),  Pete Brodie (Observer).


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